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RatHawk Records is a Baltimore, MD based independent record label and we have a different vision of how a label should operate. After years of participating in and watching the music industry fall on its face over and over, some friends got together to do things our way. 


Founded and run by artists, Rathawk's model focuses on giving artists an outlet that supports their creative vision; to release material they love and want to share.  We are in this to create the opportunity for interesting, unique, and innovative artists to share their music with the world who may not otherwise get a chance.  We think of this as a consortium or cooperative of like-minded artists who want to use the power of the internet and the modern digital economy to share our music with the masses.  

The standard record label model is dead. This is our answer to putting out interesting music. There are amazing artists out there and we want you to hear them.

Contact US

We'd love to hear from you; no, really! Please let us know if you're a fan, a band, a promoter, or a chicken (chickens always trying to sneak free swag). We promise to get back to you at our relatively earliest convenience. 

Got it, thanks!

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