BLOOMR is the smell at your grandparents house. Not moth-balls and potpourri in the living room, but in the basement, in the back, in the corner...where it drips...mmm, mother's milk.

Red Valley Nursery

RVN is a band that smacks the pants off a mosquito.  Put them in your ear holes and try aimlessly to swat the joy from your medulla oblongata.

The Shrapnels

The SHRAPNELS perform music adapted to reflect the rich heritage of improvisational jazz. The group uses originals, classic rock, funk, modern rock, pop, hip-hop, traditional music and jazz standards from the Real Book as launching points for individual and group improvisation.


Mixing aggressive post-rock with found audio, samples and sparsely delivered vocals, the (primarily) instrumental collective delivers a sonic landscape that doesn't fit in today's cookie-cutter reality television culture.  defenders. is not trying to ''be the next big thing."  defenders. makes music we enjoy.  defenders. doesn't care what you think.Steal our music. Come to a show.

Steven Sladki

Primarily a drummer for the past 30 years, I needed to branch out into the realm of Singer/Songwriter with my first EP, "Demons and Muses."


12s is that jar of jelly you forgot to put back in the fridge after opening and you use it anyway but instead of giving you diarrhea it tastes like awesome music.

Our Maddest Edges

OME kicks you in the throat-nuts and takes your earlobes hostage sending them back to you beat by monstrous beat until you're begging for God to miraculously grant you sudden onset elephantiasis of the ears so that the beat don't ever stop just because you ran out of stupid flesh.

Mike Beresh

“Michael Beresh writes songs you like to be around, songs that make you ache in a good way. He leans country, without tipping headlong into twang-y stereotypes.”

– John Lewis, Baltimore Magazine

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Baltimore, MD, USA