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The old label model is failing. 

this is the answer.



RatHawk Records is a Baltimore, MD based independent record label and we have a different vision of how a label should operate. After years of watching the music industry fall on it's face over and over, we decided to do things our way. Founded and run by artists, Rathawk's model focuses on giving artists an outlet that supports their creative vision, NOT the vision of a label conglomerate that's only interested in profit. 

We create the opportunity for interesting, unique and creative artists to share their music with the world, who may not otherwise get a chance. Through the use of readily available marketing tactics, industry partnerships, micro-loan strategy, the web and a little bit of sweat equity, we can bring the music of the people to the masses.This is the music of the people, I hope you enjoy what we create.

defenders., Blood

April 1, 2017

Red Valley Nursery, Distraction

May 28, 2017

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Steven Sladki, Demons and Muses

May 6, 2017

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Featured Artists

The perfect accessory to your ear holes.


Forks in a garbage disposal.

Red Valley Nursery

If Josh Homme sang with mating raccoons in his mouth...

Steven Sladki

Sounds like a cheesecake made out of rat farts.

The Shrapnels

A quartet of dedicated musicians taking jazz standards, rock and funk songs to areas of improvisation never explored.

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